We all have our nights though, don’t be so ashamed

I’ve had mine, you’ve had yours, we both know  ~ Aubrey Graham

Here’s to taking the night trains
The heartbeat of the wheels
And the crackles of lights under the wire grating

Here’s to drinking the tinkle juice
Swishing if around in cut glass
And cutting the edge with swishes and kisses

Here’s to living slow and driving fast
Jumping into convertibles
And driving through inhibitions and limits

Here’s to rolling over and over
Swaddled in wants and dreams
Suffocating with the escape we think they bring

Here’s to weeks and months
That churned out seconds and minutes
Day in, day out for you to live
And sometimes, not.

Remember Remember

Remember Remember

She’s smoking her crayons
and coloring the world with her cigarettes
Burning her dresses and
wearing her memories out everyday

He’s drinking down his photographs
And looking at the bottles on the shelf fondly
Lingering fondly on the truffles
And devouring the happy days past

She’s dancing her fears away
and screaming at the nights
Throwing her words at them
Mouthing knives deep into their hearts

He’s singing his memories out
Dwelling on the songs that pained him through and through
Blaming it on the mazes
Lost and confused among the masses




Setting fire to our insides for fun
Collecting names of the lovers that went wrong ~ Elena Tonra

Taste the fire licking the insides
With the thousand gashes in our hair
Drumming our feet on the back of the beast

Take a breath of fire and water
Drink the burning feelings deep into you
And flick the hurt, pain and grief away into tomorrow

Listen to the tears of the crowd
Wallowing incessantly in the deep ocean
Wave upon wave of longing, heartache and abandonment



Nouveau | Nouvelle

Nouveau | Nouvelle

What kind of dough have you been spending?
What kind of bubblegum have you been blowing lately? ~ Halsey


Our fingers are damaged
Appendages holding onto broken things
Leftover stumps of cigarettes
And bottomless bottles

Our skin is scratched and tired
Bored and tired of the same old things
Take us some place new, take us some place new
Every night, Every song

Our clothes are patchy and hazy
Disappears into the nothing of tumble-drunk crazy
We were born into the streets
And when we refuge, we refuge fast and loose

Our eyes are blotchy with the thirst for tomorrow
Punch drunk with the lost boys and girls
2 AM lights and circling cops our stage lights
With the dull thud and fall of bottles and jugs

Our noses are shriveled and drying
Crammed to the brim with toxic colors and life
Inhale, cough, blow, repeat
They are fading, can you feel it?

Winter’s Drift

Winter’s Drift

Yeah I’m giving up on looking back
Yeah I’m letting go of what I had
Yeah I’m itchin’ on a photograph ~ Grouplove


Herringbone and fur lined rages
Gloved in mittens and punches
Snowball after snowball of repressed anger
The reel of our clean winter fiasco

The mugs of quietly drunken disagreement
Long silences on the couches by the fire
Mulling over the tales told ages ago
The reel of our messy winter melancholia

The slippery attempts at reconciliation
Buried under layer upon layer of betrayed secrets
Whispers, crackling tempers
The reel of our tidy winter frenzy

The muted resilience of the fading draw
Flakes of drifting history slowly melting
Palms and toes wrinkling away into the bitter
The reel of our dirty winter misery



Johnny Quid partakes no more

Johnny Quid partakes no more

Memories seep from my veins
Let me be empty
And weightless and maybe
I’ll find some peace tonight ~ Sarah McLachlan

What you drank so deliciously
Is only killing you
Those sticks of life you kissed day in and day out?
They’re only beckoning a siren’s call

So what if they’re rich?
Wrapped around in cloaks of indulgence?
With the scent of a million dollars layering it about
And the taste of a life you’ll never live
But only dream?

But keep on dancing
Keep on kissing
You feel the tug, push, pull and call
So wave on by on your delicious dreams
I’ll stand here
And wave right back.



Perhaps the most hopeful thing I’ve read in a while.

Warm Nights and Cold Fires

We’re the loneliest planet in space, the quietest mountain in the emptiest town. We are alone, desolate and in this melancholic nothingness we are free. We’re the highest keys on the piano, the lightest bird in the sky, we’re the winter chill’s last ice. We are so so beautiful. Maybe sometimes we don’t see it, sometimes the mirror isn’t as polished for us to marvel, but by God are we special. I wish we could all see how the light shines so bright within us all, how much we mean to the kegs that turn this giant wheel. We’re all glass monsters, all of us empty white plains and all of us a child at heart.

All of us so important. All of us a shoulder to the revolutions around us. All of us a part of a scheme, a piece in a puzzle. And now I smile because we…

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Fall’s Flight

Fall’s Flight

So we sat by the laundromat with magazines and cigarettes
Talked about a million other things ~ Stephen Coates


Red lips of a telltale smear
Pale fingers dancing on pale floors
With the shadows melting wide
The soundtrack of our dull fall fiasco

The brown conversations among the trees
Holding hands across cold chasms
With the numb of differences ignored
The soundtrack of our bright fall melancholia

Timbaland crunches on misty leaves
Pounding hearts buried beneath the smiles
With the glint of a cold sun amidst the embraces
The soundtrack of our grey fall frenzy

Crumpled shirts among the orange bedding
Shivering against the wind of the future
With the Neverland promises drafting across
The soundtrack of our sharp fall misery

Summer’s Odyssey

Summer’s Odyssey

I see quiet nights poured over ice and Tanqueray
But everything is shattering and it’s my mistake ~ Troye Sivan

Muted sunlight on shared skin
As the dull thump of hurt fall between skin
Green grass and the scorch of blue skies
The soundtrack to our quiet summer fiasco

Blue converse on gravelly roads
The swivel and tug of spinning wheels
Tearing on the shreds of outstretched feelings
The soundtrack to our loud summer melancholia

Green waters of a breakaway quay
Glints of tears on clouds drifting away
The swish and snap of fishing rods reeling
The soundtrack to our quiet summer frenzy

Paint peeling on a shared story
Dark patches of shadows on arms and legs
Lips and kisses of delicious soda and secrets
The soundtrack to our loud summer misery