Meth-heads and taxi cabs



It’s past midnight

The bustling metropolis is no more quieter though
Look at the meth-heads traipsing by
But not just them and carefree birds like us

Nope, not a call darling
Hey, you’re running empty
Let me fill ‘er up for you now.

Oh but isn’t it magical, here and now?
Who gives a damn for the cold?
This ain’t December
But you can have my coat

Chivalry lives love
And not even this blessed bottle here
Can make me forget about your celestial beauty…
You think I’m lying?

Have you seen the way your hair falls
and your eyes look sleepy
and bright and shiny and sleepy?
Have you seen how good you look in a sweater
hugging a hot mug of coffee?
And oh god your smile?

I know it’s a cliche but when you smile…
Damn that’s beautiful. Almost poetic in its simplicity 

But you have your complicated moments too

Oh forget all that though!
Forget your tantrums and drama and shit
Here we are, walking along
Amidst meth-heads and Taxi-cabs
Here we are.

That’s all there ever is. 
And that’s enough for me.




Being crowned by a quivering hand
The gleaming gold traded for dull dry paper
A farce! A farce!
But the throne is true, the crowd attentive
Yet t the hand and the crown strike strange

Flying over the seabed now
My wings are dry and soaked
Is this water imagined and false?
But the fish swim true and seaweed wave
Only my wings are out of place

And now I am among the crowd
Applauding a false king
His crown is paper and a skeleton crowns him
But we applaud him nevertheless
For he is our king

And here I am swimming underneath the ocean
I am a fish!
But here comes a man with wings on his back
Wings that flap and drive him on under the sea
And somehow it looks alright. 



The Scandalmonger is out tonight
He treads softly and watches quietly
He listens and peeks
The Scandalmonger is out tonight

Beware the Scandalmonger
He preys on the weak and poor
He shouts out and raises his voice
Beware the Scandalmonger

The Scandalmonger is out tonight
He’ll rouse the crowd into a frenzy
He’ll whisper lies and deceptions
The Scandalmonger is out tonight

Beware the Scandalmonger
He spreads a web of fear and hate
He thrives on lost causes and ignorant fear
Beware the Scandalmonger

The Scandalmonger is out tonight
He walks beside you as a friend or enemy
He talks to you as a friend or enemy
The Scandalmonger is out tonight

Beware the Scandalmonger
The Scandalmonger is out tonight



The sirens ring out messages of danger
“They will shoot you down”
Their warnings of hate cloud our world and shut us in
From the sun and the wind and air
It bids us close our doors
Not a single soul let in

“Trust No One”
The cold speakers want us to isolate
Live alone and die alone
We must not trust our friends, family
Or even ourselves

“Join in. Earn your glory”
Then a new warning.
Why hide from the pointless murder?
Embrace it. 
Hold another man’s life in your hands and feel
The pleasure it ripping it away

“Protect your country”
And most people agree.
But you see,
If we were being attacked, god forbid
I would join in a heartbeat
But when we are taking the fight to a poor struggling victim
Killing them in their cradles and birth-beds
Tearing away tomorrow’s children from their parents
Dropping bomb after bomb on their religion
Decimating their leaders
Destroying their ideals
All for our gain. 
All for our riches.
That’s why I don’t want to join in.

So ring out your messages.
Fill the people with causeless fear and paranoia
Reel us back to the dark ages
But not me
I know what you’re doing
And I will not participate.
Your crimes will be on your head
And my crimes, whatever they maybe, will be on mine.


This is a self-celebration because I just passed 50 posts. The previous post was the 50th by the way so I’m not cheating. Yes. FIFTY!
Never thought I could stick to wordpress for so long but it’s all thanks to my followers and the readers and commenters :)
(Even though I sounded there for a moment like a really popular writer, I’m not.)

Thank you for sticking with my writing and there’s more coming :)

A most beautiful creature


Her words fill me with breathless wonder
And I just want to escape into them
When she smiles
When she smiles
Oh when she smiles

Her hair glistens like gold
Catching and reflecting the sun like a mirror
When she dances
When she dances
Oh when she dances

Her eyes glimmer like a thousand stars
Holding within a mystery and seducing glint
When she laughs
When she laughs
Oh when she laughs

Her hands are ever so graceful there
Tracing patterns as she weaves her stories
When she speaks
When she speaks
Oh we she speaks

Her soul is deep and endless
Gaze too long and lose yourself now
When she feeds
When she feeds
Oh when she feeds

She must learn


Where is she from?
I’ve not seen her kind here before

Where is she from?
I’ve not seen her eyes before
See how they glimmer there?
She wants the world to be forgiving
But she must learn soon

Where is she from?
I’ve not see her smile before?
The way it extends to her whole face
She thinks that we are honest and happy
But she’ll have to learn soon

Where is she from?
I’ve not heard her words before
They fall and rise in truth and honesty
She speaks thus and expects it of us too
She will have to learn our ways

Where is she from?
I’ve not see her kind here before

An escaping soul


It was her last death
But she will die again tomorrow
But for now she dances
Sleeping softly in the meadow
But what’s this?
Her soul is leeching out through her limbs
Her essence strong and firm
It’s all white these puddles of soul
Three shades of white 
One, Two, Three, Four
There they are, lost in the brightness
Of the dusk forest among the leafy green
On the ground next to the dead trees
What should she do now?
She keeps dancing though
Dressed in white
In pure, brilliant white
A million eclipses shining down on her
Or radiating dark by herself
What can I say?
She was always a shiner
One moment a glint, the next a darkness
Perhaps she decide which to embrace
And then let go and choose the other
Choices have never been easy for her
She strays towards one without the slightest hesitation
But her soul is still leaking out 
Pooling near her footprints
And then scattering
Oh what shall we do about her poor soul
So happily and merrily escaping?

A merrier set of bones


It’s bones, when it spoke, cackled
A jig was working it’s way through it’s legs
Those hollow eyes were dark and lifeless
Yet sang of joy
The bowler hat was cocked precariously
It did fall off sometimes
And when it did
“Oops, it fell again” and down he went
A permanent smile on his face
Although that may have been the absence of any flesh around his mouth
But a smile nonetheless
A shabby coat hung on his frame
And what a frame.
Bony and completely hollow
Exactly what you’d expect from a cackling skeleton
What can I say?
His walking stick resembled his shin
And when one time he accidentally stabbed his foot with it
The little bones in the toes scattered
He sat down on his bony rump immediately
And started collecting the little bone-lets.
All the while laughing or smiling.
And I couldn’t help shaking my head and laughing too
For you’d never come across a merrier set of bones
In all your life
Or death for that matter 



Her foot is heavy on the pedal
The car screams and lurches forward
A blare of horns, a touch of adrenaline and she’s off.

Her mind is unwavering
Eyes staring dead ahead on the end
The houses floating by

The wind tries in vain to push her back
Tousling her hair and bundling it
But she doesn’t care as she laughs

Her hands grip the wheel
Whitened knuckles betray her anxiety
Though her face is exuberance and joy

She knows she’s doing wrong
She knows she could get caught
She knows she could die

But when the red light blinks on in the dark
All she thinks of is this
This endless, mad gamble with death

So let her take her chances
But soon she’ll meet her maker
Till then though, the world is hers.